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improved themes on the way!

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"memories version 2" was requested by her!! enjoy x
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will be up this week!

Christmas Pixel Borders!!


I’ve noticed that there’s a lack of cute christmas/winter borders, so i made some!!





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» i didn’t make the lace base myself, but i did change them and make them christmas-y! (base creds go to ladmilk)

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wow!! a new theme finally for you guys. this theme has no sidebar again, I’m actually really starting to like no sidebar themes. now people have been asking me how I did the different coulour letters. The website is here! it’s pretty self explanatory but message me if you have any questions :)
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Slime banners!

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Anonymous: hi! yea, i'm kind of dumb when it comes to customizing, so may I ask how you put a link for your ask box for theme 8?

/ask :)

theme #10 “lethargy” this theme is so cute I love it. inspiration credit goes to the lovely niya make sure to check out her blog! hope you guys enjoy :)
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“NOTHINGNESS” — about page theme
I’ve had a few requests to release my about page code, so here it is~ It’s a pretty simple page so there’s not much to say.
Round icon (100px x 100px)
Dropdown menu for links
Hiragana bulletpoints
Small box for quotes, etc.
Hover main content box

Nothing! There are notes in the theme code for what each div controls, so it should be pretty easy to customize.
theme #9 “compassion” this theme is simple like a lot of my themes and when you hover over the sidebar the description and links appear! 5 link options. no blogtitle for this theme. this theme was inspired by the lovely niya, you should follow her!
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you guys ZERIE made a fonts page!! :)

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theme 8 is a cute theme! very simple w/ blogtitle and 5 link options. enjoy!
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theme #7 “paradise” by john. this theme is simple and it has 5 link options so enjoy and message me if you have any questions.
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theme #6 “happiness” by john! this theme is so cute and I say that about everyone of these themes but I love them lately yay. this theme doesn’t have a blogtitle. enjoy!
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so it was highly requested and I made a link hover tutorial from the one I have! enjoy :)
code is here
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